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How do you pay a tribute to your most dedicated employees? By inviting them to an unforgettable evening. This is what Volvo Cars do each year to celebrate those who have been within the company for 25, 35, 45 or more years.

Tjänsteårsfesten 2023
During a star-studded evening in December 2023, we gathered some of Sweden’s most popular artists on one stage. But the real star was the audience – a total of 950 Volvo employees.
Our mission was to create an evening that would celebrate and show appreciation to the guests by paying a tribute to them for all years they have given Volvo. Together with one of Sweden’s best event producers, we tailored a stage program with details and messages that didn’t leave anyone unaffected. From the moment everyone arrived to the last guest wandering out in the night to the tones of My Way.

Tjänsteårsfesten 2022
This year we were asked to develop a brand new concept. So we went all-in to create a feeling that everything could happen. An evening full of expectations, but you don’t know exactly what it will lead to. All you know is that you can expect the unexpected.
With a spectacular setting that included a six meter high led bird and a floating led figure in the middle of the room, we made sure that the more than 600 guests never had a boring moment. Then we added Europe’s best performance artists with specially written acts, just to make sure that everyone present would have a memory for life.

Don’t just take our word for it

My very heartfelt thank you to you and your team for last week’s Engineered Event. The plan we had all worked so hard on, was diligently and professionally executed by your team and is was very much seen and appreciated.

Faye Austin-Nordin, Events Polestar

01 / 06

Nu börjar jag hämta mig från vår succé SparcOff, vilka fantastiska medarbetare vi får jobba tillsammans med⚡️
Jag är så tacksam över vårt fina samarbete med Hansen | A Greater Experience och teamet med Marcus Wennergren och Sandra Codan i spetsen. Vilka proffs, vilka galna idéer vi än la fram, saker som inträffade i sista sekund så löste de allt med bravur. Jag ser redan fram emot nästa event som vi såklart redan har börjat planera för tillsammans ⚡️💙🍀

Liza Björklund, Projektledare Sparc Group

01 / 06

Vilken ynnest att få arbeta tillsammans med er. Snacka om att vi har haft kul på vägen i ett arbete präglat av energi, glädje och kompetens! Stort tack för ett fint samarbete med ett väldigt lyckat resultat ✨👊

Therese Andersson, Chef Sortiment & Inköp Egenvård

01 / 06

May the forest be with you

Let’s face it – we need to handle things differently. At the same time, we can’t stop doing things. We can’t stop living. Hansen is a global leader of event production and that comes with a responsibility. So everything we do is about turning moments into memorable events in the most sustainable way there is.

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