We help brands grow.

Our passion lies in creating impactful experiences – both live and digital. Our team is your partner throughout the entire process, from idea and planning to execution and evaluation.

Strategy and concept

We believe that a concept has the best chance of success when it is supported by a well-developed strategy, market insights, and clear objectives. Because without a well thought out core, things could get messy.

We assist you all the way from concept and idea to planning and production. We believe that humility and trust lead to the best results, and we have maintained this belief since our founding in 1989. Together, we create communication that engages, moves, and delivers results. Always with a balanced combination of strategy and creativity.

Branding and design

With color, form, typography, and decades of professional experience, we design and refine brands. Sometimes, we start from scratch, creating brand identities, web designs, and different types of content.

Other times, we meet you where you are, helping you reach new target groups or strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Brand experiences and events

Since 1989, we have been creating memorable experiences. Our passion for exploring, challenging, and touching lives has shaped us into one of the leading event companies in Sweden. When we take on a project, our first focus is on getting to know your business, along with your goals, expectations, and desires. Based on the chosen strategy, we create a strong concept that becomes the foundation of everything we do.

While doing things our own way is enjoyable, we believe in collaborations. As part of Moment Group, we belong to a network that creates experiences for over two million guests each year. Only imagination sets the limits for what we can achieve together.

The green thread
– sustainable experiences

Our ambition is to create memorable experiences that not only engage people but also positively impact our planet. Through innovative solutions and creative thinking, we show that sustainability and high quality go hand in hand.

At Hansen, we see every project as an opportunity to inspire and influence. That’s why we integrate sustainability principles into everything we do, from planning and material selection to execution and follow-up.

How we work

The crucial start

Whether it’s a long-term collaboration or a brand-new assignment, the best events always start with an understanding of the mission. Through research and different perspectives, we form an insight platform that helps identify the task and present the right solutions moving forward.

Setting the right scene

We dig deeper into the specific challenges and analyze the tasks to find the best strategic road ahead. The outcome is a creative brief where the purpose and objectives of the assignment are clearly defined.

The story and how it’s best told

Now it’s time to turn the strategic findings into creative excellence that moves both brands and people. We make sure that the concept is transformed into powerful communication that helps elevate the specific event. From invitations and set design to program content and presentations.

The grand finale

Based on the creative concept we make sure that everything is realised. Including event management, sourcing, logistics, programs, organisation onsite and last but definitely not least – evaluation. The part where we gather all learnings and bring them into the next assignment. Because we will never rest, until better becomes best.

We have been entrusted with creating experiences for some of Sweden's largest companies.

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