Our core expertise

With a well founded strategy as platform, we create communication and concepts that enhance and move the perception of brands and organizations.

Elevating events

All events have the purpose of conveying something – a message or a feeling. And this is where Hansen enters the picture. By combining expertise with innovation and curiosity with creativity, we push the boundaries for what an event could be.

Based on the chosen strategy, we create a strong concept that becomes the foundation of everything we do. Combined with our deep skills and broad experience it lets us bring the event to a higher level and produce impactful meetings, events and experiences. Live, digital and hybrid. At home and all over the world.

Concept & communication

Simple, groundbreaking, innovative or down to earth. Our work always starts with a concept that becomes the foundation of the event and its communication. Because without a well thought out core things could get messy. The concept embraces all elements from strategy and visuals to program content and communicative messages. It’s the guiding star that keeps the experience together, always with relevance and efficiency in mind.

The role of communication is to bring the concept and strategy to life towards event guests, media and the public. Invitations, event visuals, advertising, social media posts, PR send outs and other event ingredients become both the storefront and legacy of how the event is perceived. Together they constitute a communicative journey that leads to the final event experience.

Live & hybrid moments

Physical, digital or hybrid, events are about moments. And presenting the present in an exciting and inspirational way might seem as something done spontaneously, but it’s not. It’s carefully controlled into the tiniest detail. And we are always present through the whole process to make sure the outcome exceeds all expectations.

Through a broad field of technical competence, we make sure that the technology runs smoothly without interruptions and creates a seamless experience. Through the best of suppliers or with our own expertise. No matter the setup we always have one goal – catching every moment and turning it into an unforgettable event.

Moving people

The best ideas move people. But imagine an event with hundreds of guests travelling from several countries. This requires meticulous planning when it comes to transport, accommodations, meeting special food preferences and securing a smooth experience for all guests. That’s what we do.

We are experts in managing people and logistics. Our IATA certification granted by the International Air Transport Association to travel agencies, is proof of that. And we have managed events since All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield was released (1989 to be exact). That’s over 30 years of experience which have given us a unique expertise and capability to handle unforeseen challenges by always being one step ahead.

Building brands

When people are brought together in branded experiences, they are experiencing the brand live. Memorable moments, engaging content and thoughtful design all tell a story. Combined with creative communication surrounding the event, we have the ability to change and elevate the perception of a brand. Starting at the invitation, through the whole event until the last guest has left the venue, we continue to write the brand story all the way to the final evaluation.

So when we design events it’s not just about creating experiences, it is brand building at its finest. And that is what we do, we build brands.

How we work

The crucial start

Whether it’s a long-term collaboration or brand new assignment, the best events always start with an understanding of the mission. Through research and different perspectives we form an insight platform that helps identify the task and present the right solutions moving forward.

Setting the right scene

We dig deeper into the specific challenges and analyse the tasks to find the best strategic road ahead. The outcome is a creative brief where the purpose and objectives of the assignment are clearly defined.

The story and how it’s best told

Now it’s time to turn the strategic findings into creative excellence that moves both brands and people. We make sure that the concept is transformed into powerful communication that helps elevate the specific event. From invitations and set design to program content and presentations.

The grand finale

Based on the creative concept we make sure that everything is realised. Including event management, sourcing, logistics, programs, organisation onsite and last but definitely not least – evaluation. The part where we gather all learnings and bring them into the next assignment. Because we will never rest, until better becomes best.

May the forest be with you

Let’s face it – we need to handle things differently. At the same time, we can’t stop doing things. We can’t stop living. Hansen is a global leader of event production and that comes with a responsibility. So everything we do is about turning moments into memorable events in the most sustainable way there is.

Ready for new experiences?